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Our Special Education Class

Here at Vital Force Athletics we are proud of our SPED Force Program. We have seen much success in the fine and gross motor skills, coordination, and social skills of our special needs athletes. Gymnastics is an excellent activity for children of all abilities, and our program is all-Inclusive by offering Parent and Tot, Tumble Tots, beginning and intermediate gymnastics classes, ensuring that no child is left behind. We have coaches with special needs training and experience who have developed the curriculum of this unique program. We are proud to have an inclusive facility where children can thrive, feel accepted, supported, and successful.


These classes are designed to help children with special needs develop balance, falling safely, jumping, and landing using basic gymnastics skills and equipment. The class curriculum is enhanced by the use of visual aids (PECS) and is designed to stimulate both cognitive and motor development. Our Special Needs class is scheduled at a time when the gym is calm to help our students with focus and sensory input.

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