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Our Ethos

1. We always back determination over talent
Sports enthusiast like to fantasize about the future, but athletes forge it. That’s why we’ve incorporated various levels of methods, coaching, and enthusiasm in our programs, activities, camps, and clinics; from our first of its kind – SPED Force program – to our Best-of-State Men’s and Women’s Teams.

2. We focus on catalyzing athlete development
We believe that the determination of an active athlete is the country’s most important asset. That’s why we focus on helping our athletes scale themselves into successful leaders.

3. We operate as a community 
Our athlete families know when they choose Vital Force Athletics, they join more than a gym or an athletic facility, they join a family. We have some of Utah County’s most trained coaches, network of dedicated families, and Best-in-Class programs, allowing us to supercharge our growth, while teaching through coaching and community outreach. 


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